Cloud Ready FinTech Applications

KenCloud Suite of Software Solutions

Kensoft Infotech has a specialised range of Enterprise Level Products with Financial DSS (Decision Support Systems). These high-performance Cloud Ready Software Products are part of the KenCloud Suite of FinTech Applications.

Cloud Ready ERP Software

KenCloud ERP Applications : BFSI

Our Suite of Cloud Applications comprise of a wide range of domain enriched Banking & Loaning Software Products with a advanced DSS ecosystem. They are designed and developed on state of the art web-tier architecture with Superior performance for medium to high volume environments on the Oracle Cloud Platform. Some of the key KenCloud Applications are CAMS (Credit Appraisal Management System), LIFA (Loan Integrated Financial Accounting), RFS (Re-Finance Solutions with Asset-Liability matrix), CSDM (Collateral Security and Document Management) and CIMS Customer Interaction Management System.

Credit Appraisal Management System

CAMS offers a structured model for business Loan appraisal with all required qualitative and quantitative parameters including financial viability ratios. Data build up comes from basic entry screens in structured formats for demographic details, cost centers, revenue centers etc. It has a extensive built-in Deviation↔Mitigation matrix. All decision parameters including financial ratios are given out by the system. Kenware-CRB (Credit Rating Builder) is an Internal rating model for assessment of the credit worthiness of business entities seeking loans. The credit score, based on various quantitative and qualitative criteria, provides lending institutions with an indication of how likely it is that a borrower will pay back a Loan. Rating parameters and scores are tracked for new and existing customers.

Cloud based Financial Accounting

LIFA (Loan Integrated Financial Accounting) is a comprehensive integrated Accounting application with Loan and financial accounting combined into one software solution. Accounting is done through user defined general ledgers (GL) and sub GLs. Receipts against loan repayments are appropriated in a pre-defined order of Interest, principal etc based on business policy. Accounting outputs like Trial Balance, P&L accounts and Balance Sheet are available on tap on a daily basis.

Risk Management Framework

Risk management is a process for identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks of different kinds. RMF (Risk Management Framework) is designed to identify risky lending exposure with monitoring and controls to give proactive warnings before exposure, if defined exposure limits are exceeded. There is an integrated Recovery Management & Performance system which enables Identification and listing of first-time and subsequent defaulters while allocating loan accounts to Recovery Officers or Recovery Agents.

Collateral Security and Document Management

CSDM (Collateral Security & Document Management) has a comprehensive legal title scrutiny and legal document management for each individual security. A specified security can be tagged to other multiple accounts and pre disbursement conditions enforced, which is based on the portion of security offered for each loan. A systematic record of security documents required and submitted by the customer are kept in the system & maintained during the entire loan period.

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Kensoft : Oracle Gold Partner

Oracle Gold Partner

Kensoft's suite of Enterprise FinTech Products are qualified on the world's best Oracle RDBMS and Fusion Technology. As an Oracle Gold Partner for over 10 years, we provide Support Assurance for Oracle database implementations and Application Server Management & Tuning.

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  • Kensoft's FinTech Applications are designed and optimized for the industry's broadest and most integrated Oracle Cloud Platform.

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AWS Technology Partner

Amazon Technology Partner

KenCloud Financial Applications are integrated with Amazon Web Services. Our software applications are designed and developed on multi-tier web architecture.

IBM Business Partner

IBM Business Partner

With our Server management & Computing expertise and IBM's Support and resources, we can guide you on how to manage and maintain your Data Centre in the most efficient, secure and cost effective manner on IBM - Softlayer.

National Award Winner | IT Excellence - Banking & Finance Software Solutions

Kensoft Infotech Ltd. is a proud recipient of the CSI National Award for IT Excellence in the BFSI sector at the 48th CSI Convention. The award was conferred by Mr. J Satyanarayana, Secretary, Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, Mr. S V Raghavan, President of CSI and Scientific Secretary to the Union Government, Mr. Anil Srivastava, Joint Secretary to the Ministry of Civil Aviation & Chairperson with other senior officials of the Government of India. There is a marked presence of industry stalwarts & IT experts at the CSI Convention, such as the CTO - Bank of America, MD - VMware, CIO - Wipro Ltd. and other esteemed dignitaries. The Computer Society of India has instituted this National Award for those who have implemented exemplary projects in the field of IT to meet their organizational goals and improve service delivery to the target segment. Formed in 1965, the Computer Society of India (CSI) has been instrumental in guiding the Indian IT industry down the right path since its formative years. Today, the CSI has over 73 chapters with more than 1,00,000 members, including India's most famous IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and dedicated academicians. The finalists and star participants were Datamatics Global Services Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd, Union Bank of India, Kensoft Infotech Ltd, Tech Mahindra, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, iGate, IBM, Reliance Infra and other corporations of distinguished stature.